ICECAT® surfacer are user-friendly, reliable, and cost-effective.


ICECAT electric surfacer are user-friendly, with all controls centralized on the right side of the driver. They are equipped with either lithium batteries or TPPL lead-acid batteries, both of which require no maintenance. These qualities make ICECAT® surfacer safe and easy to maintain.

The batteries are charged between each grooming session, ensuring that the machine is always available for use without any charging time, according to the needs. Simply connect the charger to the machine to recharge the batteries. The “smart” charger manages the battery’s condition and should be connected continuously, even when the machine is not in use.

No harmful emissions are produced by the batteries, either during charging or during operation.


As an option, the B220 can be equipped with an automatic water filling system or a removable edge planer.

Made in France

Developed in the 2000s in a country passionate about ice (Finland), since 2015, the production and the company have been relocated to France.

All ICECAT products are fully manufactured in France with sourcing of components as local as possible.

B220 – Technical Data

  • DC – motor 20kW AC maintenance-free
  • Bosch Rexroth mobile hydraulic pump
  • Hydac or Bosch-Rexroth hydraulic group
  • Battery capacity (80V) 300Ah or 400Ah, based on customers needs.
  • Fast charge charger
  • Conditioner made of stainless steel.
  • Snow and water tank made of composite materials.
  • Body panels made of shockproof ABS-plastic are easy to maintain
  • Hydraulic transmission, AWD (All Wheel Drive)
  • Vertical and horizontal screws can be operated both ways, this helps to clear the augers if clogging occurs
  • Power steering
  • Conditioner with constant pressure, adjustable
  • Flood water adjustment from control panel
  • Blade adjustment from control panel
  • Wash water system
  • Tire wash system
  • Adjustable ice breaker on vertical auger
  • Automatic towel lift – hydraulic
  • Removable side blade edger
  • Adjustable padded seat with arms rests, seat belt, and heater.
  • Special studded tires
  • Working width: 2200mm
  • Maximum width: 2340mm
  • Length: 3950mm
  • Length, snow tank up: 4600mm
  • Height: 2100mm
  • Weight: 2 590kg (regarding batteries capacity)
  • Water tank capacity: 700l + 700l, with the possibility of diverting wash water for spreading purposes and utilizing the 1400 liters capacity.
  • Height, snom tank up (adjustable): 3500mm
  • Snow tank capacity: 3,5m3
  • Turning radius: 3800mm
  • Rail width: 1600mm
  • Axel width: 1950mm
  • Hydraulic oil quantity: 60l

Low maintenance

(refer to the maintenance manual)

100% electric

0 emissions

Fast charging

Recharge 50% of the batteries in 2 hours

They trust us