Discover the Alpine 510

The Alpine 510 is the standard snow groomer (with an optional winch available), designed with a strong focus on performance and ease of use. It benefits from all the latest developments developed in partnership with users.

Born to be wild

Feel free to contact us to arrange a test of our machine on your preferred playground.

Pure performance

The 510 horsepower of the Volvo Penta D13 engine propels the Alpine 510 to be one of the most powerful snow groomers on the market. Its excellent balance and powerful low-speed operation make the D13 engine very quiet with very low levels of vibrations.

Reduced maintenance

Simple and robust design prioritizing reliability,

Compact and accessible for ease of service, while also aiming to reduce maintenance frequency.

Benefits from the maintenance network of VOLVO PENTA.

Nm from 1200tr/min


VOLVO PENTA, more powerful, more readily available, and fuel-efficient.

22 km/h, a valuable asset for productivity.

Weight-to-power ratio of less than 23 kg/hp.

Climbing capabilities of up to 100% (45°).

CV Volvo Penta engine

Versatile / Economical

Easy to handle, with standard snowpark settings and dual-speed capability for increased maneuverability.

Reduced fuel consumption thanks to the VOLVO PENTA engine, along with a wide selection of standard components and excellent maintenance accessibility.

Complies with EUROMOT/TIER 5 standards and adheres to ISO 3046, BS5514, and DIN 627 requirements.


The Alpine 510 comes with a wide range of standard equipment to meet the needs of even the most demanding users.


To achieve maximum efficiency, the groomed slope width is 440cm. The Heavy Duty flex tiller is equipped with steering assistance to improve snow groomer handling.


The six band continuous track with aluminum track plates and central steel reinforcement gives balanced traction and an excellent grip on the snow, even on steep gradients or in icy conditions.

Being centrally positioned on the wheel system greatly facilitates any maintenance requiring removing and replacing the tracks.


The heavy duty 12-way flexible blade is both fast and precise. The reinforced blade system and the double-action pistons ensure improved component lifetimes and optimum pushing forces. The aggressive, deep blade ensures efficient operation even in the most difficult snow conditions.


The Alpine 510 comes standard with blade and tiller movements that allow it to easily shape even the most ambitious snow parks. The Heavy-Duty flex blade can be locked with a simple gesture to ensure clean and precise work.

Made in France

All our machines are fully assembled at our production site in Pontcharra.


Essential for our accessibility


A guarantee of excellence


Indispensable for our adaptability

French Touch


The key to our commitment


Many standard equipment


Intervention teams available 365 days a year, 24 hours a day


A redesigned ergonomics, enlarged volumes, discover our cabin.

As confirmed by snow groomer operators, it only takes a few minutes to get familiar with the ALPINE 510 and harness its performance, providing great flexibility in managing grooming teams.

Its controls ensure high precision work, and the ergonomic joystick offers excellent grip.

Furthermore, the center drive position provides clear visibility to the front and sides for enhanced safety and driving comfort. Comfort has been optimized through sound and vibration insulation in the cabin, along with the standard provision of a Recaro pneumatic seat.

The ALPINE 510 is equipped with 8 fully LED headlights at the front: 2 long-range headlights, 2 work headlights, 2 fog lights, and 2 side lighting headlights. At the rear, it has 4 LED headlights: 2 work headlights and 2 side lighting taillights.

These headlights provide highly efficient illumination without dazzling nearby snow groomers. The LED lighting system is also environmentally friendly with low power consumption and simplified maintenance due to a lifespan exceeding 50,000 hours.

As standard, it is also equipped with an electrically controlled long-range searchlight.

For visibility in all conditions and to ensure the safety of personnel and customers, the cabin features 2 LED beacon lights and 4 flashing lights at the front and sides.

For user safety, LED lighting illuminates the cabin entrance and the fluid filling area.

To come…



  • Total weight : 11 000 kg
  • Weight/power ratio : 23kg/hp


  • Type : VOLVO PENTA D13 (6 cylinder direct injection, air cooled)
  • Capacity : 12.75l
  • Power kW/hp (rpm) : 375/510 (1 400)
  • Maximum torque Nm (tr/min) : 2 595 à 1200 rpm
  • Diesel tank capacity : 310l
  • Diesel exhaust fluid tank capacity : 40l
  • Fuel consumption : from 26l/h
  • Emissions standard : EUROMOT/STAGE 5

Electrical system

  • Alternator : 24V-150A
  • Batteries : 12V-140Ah x 2


  • Speed, continuously variable : 0-22km/h (S)
  • Hourly productivity : 128 800 m/h
  • Gradeability : 100% (45°)


  • Width with wing blade closed : 4.85m
  • Hight : 1.25m
  • Angle of attack : 65°
  • Lift angle : 70°
  • Bias angle : 40°


  • Tiller chamber width : 4,4m
  • Feeding angle : 50°
  • Vertical travel : 120°
  • Tilt angle : 60°


Width without track roller/mud quard : 2.85 m

 Alpine 510 winch

We have redesigned the design of our standard snow groomer to accommodate an optional winch. Each standard Alpine 510 receives pre-equipment for winch installation, allowing for great versatility of our machine according to the needs of our customers.

Textile cable, a French technology 

CM Dupon is the only manufacturer that uses textile cable instead of steel cable.

With reduced weight, increased safety, and repairability, we believe that our technology can meet all expectations depending on the needs and terrains.

Feel free to ask for any information you desire and request tests on machines in customer use.

Degrees of ascent

Horsepower engine power

Kg - Power-to-weight ratio

Nous avons fait le choix de travailler avec l’entreprise CM Dupon pour plusieurs raisons. D’abord, parce que nous croyons aux produits qu’elle propose ; mais aussi parce que nous avons à cœur d’accompagner une entreprise française qui se développe dans les Alpes, au milieu de deux acteurs historiques du secteur.

Nous avons été séduits, non seulement par l’attractivité des prix, mais aussi par la réactivité et le contact que nous avons eu avec l’équipe.

Les premiers résultats des machines sont encourageants, nous poursuivons notre collaboration pour les rendre plus performantes.

Alexandre MAULIN